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About Me...

Behold, the business witch of Eastern Pennsylvania, Cheryl Evans! With a flourish and a twirl, I venture into the realms of start-ups, growth, and enterprise operations, sprinkling wisdom wherever I tread. My craft? I weave magic into businesses, taking them From What the…to Wicked Transformations. I've been Shifting Minds and Bottom Lines since 2001.

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The Truth is...

I learned very early in life that Failure Was Not an Option. I had 2 choices. Either I succeed or I learn something. I've had many successes, but only because I've always been willing to learn something new.

My experiences are more diverse than a box of chocolates:

  • Witchy Zen Guru blending eastern philosophy with western practices
  • Marketing & Branding Magician
  • Technology Wizard
  • Inspiring Life Coach
  • Strategic & Operations Super Hero
  • World Renown RevOps Business Consultant
  • Speaker, Teacher, Author & Artist

Golden Glowing Line

I have always existed on the edges of society, and yet I gain entrance to the darkest shadows, loftiest heights, secret places, windblown plateaus and, perhaps most importantly of all, the hearts and minds of the business owners I help. An openly neurodivergent coach and speaker, I use my unique way of viewing and interacting with the world to help bridge the communication gap between people, cultures, departments and industries.

By blending entertainment, inspiration and clear actionable steps, my students walk away not only feeling inspired, but with a plan of action too.

Join me to find your own transformations today! Schedule a call to discuss my RevOps Business Consulting & Fractional Executive Services, or to book me as your next Keynote speaker.

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