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About Me

My name is Cheryl Evans.

I'm a professional RevOps /

CMO business consultant and

fractional based in Pennsylvania.

I bring “Action to Inspiration” when working with clients to create robust Sales Funnels and Strategic Marketing Plans.

When it comes to design, I am known for my high contrast imagery, vibrant color palettes, unforgettable designs, and

innovative blends of diverse styles.

Cheryl Evans

Why Work With Me?

From startups to established firms, the results speak for themselves:

Check Mark Illustration
Check Mark Illustration
Check Mark Illustration

Expertise in Data Visualization & UI/UX Design: I blend analytical rigor with creative design to make your data accessible and actionable.

Tailored Visual Stories: Customized visualizations that resonate with your audience, driving engagement and strategic action.

SaaS Growth Accelerator: With a keen eye for UI/UX, I help SaaS platforms enhance user experience, fostering growth and user retention.

Let's transform your data into a strategic asset and design experiences that captivate. Ready to see your data in a whole new light? Let's chat!

Web Design

I provide basic web design services on WordPress and Canva.

On the following websites I’ve created all graphics, designs and sales copy.

Built with Canva:

Built with Wordpress:

Marketing Campaigns

I’ve created full marketing campaigns for a number of clients featuring things like websites, social media content, print materials, eBooks, promotional products, Book covers, subscription boxes, card decks, and more.

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Visual Storytelling

Make complex data not just seen but understood and acted upon.

With a vibrant blend of data visualization and UI/UX design expertise, I transform numbers into narratives and interfaces into experiences. Here's how I bring data and design together:

  • Visual Narratives That Drive Action: Dive into data visualization that goes beyond charts and graphs. I craft compelling stories that highlight patterns, trends, and insights, making the complex utterly captivating.
  • Intuitive Design Meets Data: My UI/UX design skills ensure that every visualization isn't just informative but also incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. It's about creating experiences that people love to explore.
  • Strategic Insights for SaaS Success: In the realm of SaaS, where features meet functionality, I leverage my expertise to guide product management and portfolio strategies, ensuring your software stands out in a crowded market.
  • From Data to Decisions: Whether you're a Chief Marketing Officer, a budding SaaS company, or in need of a data visualization specialist, I'm here to turn your data into your most powerful decision-making tool.

Excel, Canva, PowerPoint & More

Variety of Chart & Report Types

  • Line Charts
  • Pie & Donut Charts
  • Bar & Stacked Bar Charts
  • Scatter Point & Plot Charts
  • Tables & Reports
  • Scorecards
  • and more...

Design Portfolio

Top view desk,Modern office desk Workspace.
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Marketing Campaign Spring 2023

instagram post frame

Marketing Campaign Spring 2023


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& Flyers

Slide Presentation

Design Portfolio